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  Our Milestone Search Engine OwniCloud.com searches private data like Google with perfect sharing
Our GoogleByCity.com searches all self-hosted websites: each website has search, all websites search together
Our web411.biz helps you design Search Engine Website to search thousands of pages like Google with easy CMS
  In this info explosion era, you need ‘Google Search’ on your own private data to double your efficiency and productivity. Well, let’s see how our Search Engine Cloud System could change your company inside out!

www.OwniCloud.com system searches your private data like Google with perfect sharing – company wide data are shared and searched by all employees, group wide data are shared and searched by a group of people, and personal data are searched only by that person no sharing. With powerful sharing management, you never mess up what docs are shared with whom. You can also build company’s Central Management System to manage customers, employees, work flows, processes, data and files etc.

OwniCloud will have high performance data management and searches on big data with years passing by, servers and data can be on your own network or on IBM-Softlayer’s best-in-class Cloud Data Center, you can choose to manage it yourself or let us manage it. Good system should also have good prices, our market is wide and our price is affordable for most companies.

Powered by IBM-Softlayer, OwniCloud Inc., originally started in 2002, with years of hard working, we've developed best-in-class Search Engine Cloud System to meet all your business needs, contact us for more info!

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